Renew or upgrade MSDN subscription

MSDN-Technet Subscriptions Beta to end on November 16

Renew or upgrade MSDN subscription ( subscriptions)

Renew or upgrade MSDN subscription ( subscriptions)

Like a retail Visual Studio subscriber (formerly referred to as MSDN subscriber), you’ve three options whenever your current subscription expires:

Renew your subscription with the Microsoft Store (you’ll obtain a subscription activation key that you could redeem to be able to extend your subscription another 12 several weeks).

Renew your standard subscription via a Microsoft software re-seller (retail subscriptions are qualified to become restored into Volume Licensing programs, by choosing the Software Assurance option-SA). Once you renew, you are able to optionally buy a “step-up” license which upgrades your subscription to another greater level.

Buy an annual Visual Studio cloud subscription with the Visual Studio Marketplace. subscriptions |Call @ subscriptions |Call @ 1-800-220-1151


To check these options, check out the Buying page. Unlike subscriptions offered with the Microsoft Store and re-sellers, there aren’t any “new” or “renewal” prices for annual cloud subscriptions-they are priced exactly the same every year.

Improve your Microsoft account

You are able to alter the Microsoft account connected together with your subscription from the My account page by using these steps:

  • Choose Change Microsoft Account.
  • Select a temporary passphrase and choose Continue.
  • Login together with your new Microsoft account.
  • Enter your temporary passphrase and choose Finish.

After finishing these steps, you’ll be able to gain access to your subscription while using Microsoft account joined in step three. Should you cancel at any time before finishing step four, your Microsoft account will stay unchanged. subscriptions |Call @ 1-800-220-1151 For USA And Canda subscriptions |Call @ 1-800-220-1151 For USA And Canda

The New MSDN Subscriber Portal is Live!


I am delighted to say that we have just released the new MSDN Subscriber portal for all MSDN Subscribers. We used to RTM, we now RTW!

The new portal is the culmination of a years worth of great work by my team (you guys rock!) completely re-writing the web infrastructure and front-end user experience. We spent a lot of time earlier in the year researching user goals and current issues and have then been constantly iterating over the prioritized scenarios ever since.

In the new year we will continue to improve the experience (we maintain a big backlog) and will start working on a lot of back-end infrastructure work and the subscriber management experience for enterprise customers.

Watch this space and of course let us know what you think of our work!


– Mark

MSDN-Technet Subscriptions Beta to end on November 16

MSDN-Technet Subscriptions Beta to end on November 16 subscriptions subscriptions


I want to let you know that the MSDN-TechNet Subscriptions 2.0 Beta will end on November 16.  The MSDN-Technet Subscriptions engineering team and I want to thank all of you who used the Beta and provided feedback; it’s been extremely valuable to us.  Thank you!  We’ve learned a lot and made improvements based your comments, and we have more improvements planned.  We always welcome any feedback that you may have, now and in the future.  If you have used the Beta, please delete any bookmarks you’ve created for specific Beta pages to avoid broken links after the Beta ends.  We will be upgrading the 1.0 Subscriptions site to 2.0 in the near future.  You can expect more information posted here in the blog in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for all of your support.

Bob Vogt
Program Manager
MSDN-Technet Subscriptions